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Care for your bikini

Care for your bikini


1. Always wash the parts by hand, with mild soap and cold water.


2. Do not store the wet piece in plastic bags or allow it to soak to avoid staining.


3. Never use washing powder, detergent, bleach or other cleaning products under the risk of degrading the color. Prefer a neutral bar soap.


4. Never use a washing machine, dryer or dry cleaner.


5. Try to avoid contact of the part with sunscreen sunscreen and other chemical agents that can cause staining.


6. Avoid direct contact with rough surfaces, so as not to damage the product.


7. Remove the sand residues with the parts still dry.


8. To increase the durability of the parts, avoid prolonged use in pools with excess chlorine.


9. Attention to colors: citrus fruits have less resistance to light and sun; the whites can become transparent when wet.


10. Never use an iron and always dry the items in the shade.

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